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One of Promo House's major advantages is the ability to supply costumers with branded gifts.
Promo House gifts weather formal or casual are supplied by the world's most glamorous and renowned brands.
In our Website you can have a brief idea of Promo House's collection of (watches, leather goods, writing instruments, lighters, ties, umbrellas, silk scarves, fashion accessories …)

We have a long list of brands cooperating with us to keep our loyal customers satisfied.
The brands we deal with are listed in this page.


The Business was founded in 1881 by the Cerruti family in Biella, a textile mill town near Milan and Torino.
The Piemontese claim that because of the purity of their water their region is better for washing and dyeing wool than anywhere else.
One thing that is certain is that the water enabled the brand to succeed again and again, not only with it's textile but also with the men and women's creations, which brought the brand International recognition.
The qualities and values of the brand can be appreciated once again through the range of the Cerruti 1881 accessories, collection based on pure contemporary lines privileging modern materials, raw, molded or machined, reflections of Cerruti's authenticity.
As Cerruti no longer considers the accessory as an isolated product, it is divided into families of coordinates thus bringing a force to the models which integrate perfectly into the Universe of materials and colors characteristic in each Cerruti 1881 line.

1872 Birth of a French Luxury House
1920 An Atlantic crossing and travel cases
1935 The adventures of a lacquerer
1941 A great flame follows a little spark
1973 The art of writing by S.T. DUPONT
2003 At crossroads between tradition and innovation
2007 / 135 years!


With one hundred and ten years of expertise in catering to the taste of discerning men, Dunhill is proud to offer an emporium of gifts, from leather goods to cufflinks through to timepieces and writing instruments, which is bound to satisfy even the hardest to please."


Jean Louis Scherrer universe is active, modern and International. His unique style is timeless, elegant, simple, and includes a whole range between the formal and the casual.


In 1921, birth of the mythic label by Charles Jourdan, with glamorous and feminine high-heel stilettos.
The lines are flattering and express all the "know-how" of the brand and it's vivace creativity.
A zest of impertinence, and glitter of a modern, chic and strong-personality lady.
80 years later, if "Shoe" is the main identity of the brand, creative and luxurious accessories have been extended.
CHARLES JOURDAN motto is: The product is the hero.


Francesco Smalto belongs to the tradition of south Italian tailors. Founded in 1962, Smalto house distinguishes itself by its know-how and its unique elegance.

The Smalto man is a modern dandy. Nothing exaggerated in its clothing, but he always cares about details mixed with eclecticism that makes his elegance unique... Never the same he always reinvents himself for the sake of it. Strong of its notoriety, Francesco Smalto creations constitute Today, a necessary element of the wardrobe of the world's greatest.

The Smalto accessory declines itself in matching families and mixed itself perfectly to the proper Universe of Smalto colors and materials.


Nobody may tell the story of the Fashion House Emanuel Ungaro without starting from his founder Emanuel Ungaro.
From the age of 5, Emanuel played with the sewing machine, the whole family's work tool. This provincial life provided him later with the key to his future trade and introduced him to a lifestyle embracing painting and music that has followed him throughout his life.
Bolstered by his exceptional creative talent, Emanuel moved to Paris at the age of 22 and started his apprenticeship alongside the Spanish designer, Cristobal Balenciaga. This period taught him rigor, perfection and the eternal search for an ideal in the silence required by the demanding yet generous Master.
In 1967, he decides to move his Ateliers to Avenue Montaigne. The head offices and flagship store still occupy the same Haussmanian building.
Emanuel Ungaro acquired an International fame by his incredible sense of color and mix of unexpected patterns, by the purity of his shapes and the insolence of the details.
Today the house Emanuel Ungaro has a new owner. It is now present on all International markets: First of all Europe, cradle of the brand but also United States, then Japan conquered by the brand'style.
Then came the accessories, essential instruments to the brand development. This collection privileges shapes and refined details, developed into models intended for active and modern men, whilst attached to the tradition of Ungaro luxury."